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With the high increase in world wide dietry and nutritional needs, we found it was time to offer optional bases.

WHOLEMEAL SPELT, GLUTEN FREE or your ORGINIAL bases can be selected now, with ANY of your pizza choices. So, its DOUGHBOY PIZZA as usual for you whatever you want, whatever your needs!

(SPELT) is an ancient grain that traces its heritage back long before many wheat hybrids. Many of its benefits come from this fact – it offers a broader spectrum of nutrients compared to many of its more inbred cousins in the wheat family! It offers an excellent source of manganese, a good source of protein, copper and zinc. It is a good protection to cholesteral levels. Good for women who are postmenopausal who suffer high blood pressure or other signs of cardiovascular disease.

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DOUGHBOY GLUTEN FREE AND our DOUGHBOY ORIGINAL bases are no doubt still a favourite for the traditionalists. The purest’s who fell in love with the DOUGHBOY ORIGINAL can still indulge. It is still made with LOVE and offers all the original love, care and taste that DOUGHBOY PIZZA is known for.

Remember, when ordering your pizza to select one of the bases, WHOLEMEAL SPELT, GLUTEN FREE or ORIGINAL.

We are now delivering pizza to Randwick, Surry Hills, Bondi North, Bondi Road, Artarmon, and Stanhope Gardens.

Doughboy Delicious Sauces

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Our DOUGHBOY PIZZA customers were always asking about our delicious sauces, so Philbys and DOUGHBOY got together to create a range that would be every custom-ers favourite take away Sauce. Now there are 7 sauces for you to buy for your home!

The creation of DOUGHBOY Take away Sauces, has been a long journey of taste testing and taste trials. Phil the maker of PHILBYS, worked tirelessly to make the range for supermarkets, delis, convenience stores, grocery stores. Plus, Sauces can also be purchased in selected DOUGHBOY PIZZA stores around NSW.

So, what are the sauces? Which flavours?

Smokey BBQ; Peri Peri (hot sauce); Moroccan Angel (Gluten Free Dressing); Spicy Moroccan Angel (Gluten Free Dressing); Poppy Seed (Gluent Free Dressing); Cajun Marinade (Gluten Free Sauce).

At these reasonable prices, you now can buy your sauces, and have them in your fridge and pantry for your regular use.

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