What’s going on with all you Plant-people?


 What seems to be a fleeting fad of veganism and a rush to plant-based diets may be the way of the future. Whether the transformation of your diet was influenced by ethics, scientific study or perhaps something you watched on Netflix, Doughboy has found a way to combine health and tasteful satisfaction /indulgence.

Exploiting historical perceptions, scientists, doctors and athletes have found that energy is sourced from carbohydrates. Doughboys' handcrafted pizzas are not only delicious but can be a nutritious meal choice filled with enough energy to get you through your day. The OG, Gluten-Free and Super Spelt pizza bases offer a healthy solution to suit anyone.

For those dairy lovers, veganism may seem too difficult. Fortunately, Doughboy sources vegan cheese from local, sustainably minded providores. Not only delicious in taste, all vegan food has zero cholesterol, making Doughboys' plant-based pizzas a preferred healthy option.

So, as we Craft our gourmet pizzas with coconut oil, we combine health and satisfaction in our range of delicious vegan and veggie pizzas. Lactose-free and gourmet, we provide the freshest and the best and, of course, the most delicious plant-based pizzas. We are beside you through this ride.

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