With over 30 years of retailing experience, and over 15 years of direct food industry experience, we are well placed to take this iconic Bondi brand DOUGHBOY to a national household name.

doughboy prawn pizza 300pxWe offer a brand with which we can all identify. It is about being masters of our craft, being good and wholesome and fresh and creative. We are real.

The recipe for a successful franchise is simple with DOUGHBOY.

The opportunities are exceptional as we head to the market with a full package of a tried and tested iconic 15 year highly successful Bondi Brand.

DOUGHBOY offers to the delivery market the most delicious artisan Italian style Pizza, with a healthy option, made from freshly sourced ingredients. Our extensive salad range, garlic bread range and dessert range are exceptionally priced and tempt everyone. The salads, breads and desserts are a simple add-on for staff and will increase your average sales. Staff can remind your customers that this order can be a one stop for the whole family.

Now is the best time to join the DOUGHBOY family as we are at the beginning of our franchising journey and there are so many options for new locations. We know you have a deep understanding and passion for your local area so we are happy to work with you to develop these into DOUGHBOY loving neighbourhoods.

We are the artisans of the Pizza world.

Our extensive attention to detail on systems and processes, detail to customer service, staff training, and product engineering means DOUGHBOY has a strong backend. This minimises any chance of error and time wasting and provides a streamlined, cost efficient in-store process.

We look forward to welcoming you to the DOUGHBOY family



About Doughboy

Early in 2001, some Bondi Boys wanted to create the perfect Pizza.

perfect pizza doughboy

They sourced the freshest local ingredients, worked all hours till they got the perfect recipe for the dough.
Spent more sleepless nights getting the menu ready. Got off to a start with some regular Pizzas that everyone knows, called the ‘Old School’, and an engineered a dream menu. Hence, DOUGHBOY was born.

rucola salad doughboyDOUGHBOY aims to offer a highest level of customer service and fantastic tasting food. Our aim is to offer the customers, a genuine experience. The Freshest, the Fastest and the Tastiest. DOUGHBOY means fast fresh and delicious food delivered to you, on time, at the highest level service and a mouth watering experience that is to be unforgettable.

DOUGHBOY worked over the years at developing the “Got your bases covered” Option. We aim to meet all dietary requirements.

Select the Original, Organic Wholemeal Spelt or Gluten Free Base Option.

DOUGHBOY is about responsible eating. We source the freshest and best ingredients. We continually work on providing food options for EVERYONE. By supporting the local growers and suppliers, we are closest to the source.

Our final secret ingredient is LOVE!

You have to LOVE the process, the people, the Pizzas. It is the LOVE in the Pizzas that makes DOUGHBOY that extra special.

Which is why DOUGHBOY’s by line is,





Doughboy the brand

doughboy logo 2016 300pxWhen taking on a DOUGHBOY franchise, you are committing to a promise to your loyal customers to offer the freshest sourced ingredients, a great tasting pizza quality and fast and efficient service.

DOUGHBOY is the Pizza that everyone can relate to and wants to be.

A cool relaxed style of person who just wants it real. You can eat a Pizza and feel cool. You can be on a date, at the beach, with the kids, on your own, with your mates, have a birthday – and you can order DOUGHBOY and its cool.

The years of menu engineering, strong work ethic, strong work values and cost efficient structures, gives you the base to build, open and manage your store with the highest level of efficiency.

With the right approach, and by abiding to the DOUGHBOY values, you can create a fantastic DOUGHBOY Store.

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Our Core Values

We are looking for partners who share the same values we do.

Our franchise partners must be prepared to love and dedicate themselves to providing the pizza lovers in Australia with all the qualities we see as being of the highest level of importance

Does this sound like you?
1. Live for the Customer
2. Strive to Achieve
3. Are you the face of Doughboy?
4. See it….. Do it
5. Cost Efficient


Who We Are

Ata Gokyildirim

A Bondi resident, Ata had been interested in the DOUGHBOY Brand for many years before buying into it in 2008.

Over the course of 7 years, Ata with the help of the original owner Tony, fine-tuned the DOUGHBOY brand and set up the Franchising arm.

In late 2015, Ata acquired full ownership of DOUGHBOY and is paving the way in the Franchise market. Currently, with one Head Office store and 2 Franchised stores, DOUGHBOY is on its way to a strong and powerful growth.

Since Graduating with Honours at University of New South Wales in 1986 with a Commerce Degree, Ata has had a varied career spanning from the Financial Markets to a career in retail, taking a group of Intimate Apparel stores from 3 to 12 and selling to a major bank. Ata gained further knowledge in his role in David Jones as a Senior Store Manager and sat as the Chairman of Prima Bio-med, a medical company that has a vaccine for ovarian cancer.


Doughboy ata


Our Market

Who doesn't like Pizza?

DOUGHBOY is made with the freshest locally sourced products. We pride ourselves on gaining the reputation for offering some of the best pizzas in town. Mouth-watering recipes and 4 Base Option allows the customer flexibility to fine tune the Pizza to get just the right taste.

doughboy americano pizzaEfficiently operated stores and systems, with well-trained staff, can take and process an order, make an exceptional delicious pizza, place it and in a heat bag and on its way to the customer, delivering it hot and ready to eat. Satisfying pizza lovers everywhere!

The big name brands have taken the quality and love out of pizza making and with our artisan processes we know, that in only a short time, with our quality and customer service, these customers can be converted and can be DOUGHBOY lovers for life. This is the challenge and we are ready for it.

One of the advantages of owning a DOUGHBOY franchise are the working hours and the flexibility to enjoy your time with family and friends, sport or whatever passions you may have. Being in charge allows you to work the hours you choose and allows you to have the perfect balance between your work and play

The Pizza Restaurants and Takeaway industry has evolved significantly over the past five years, and will continue to change. While traditional pizzas remain popular with Australians, consumer preferences are shifting. Regardless of the higher price points, consumers have enthusiastically embraced gourmet and healthier options. Demand for high-quality, Italian-style options has been astounding and has driven profitability over the past five years. Product innovation has been the key to the industry's growth. Over the five years through 2014-15, industry revenue is expected to grow by a compound annual 3.0%. This strong growth includes a rise of 1.5% in 2014-15, with revenue reaching $3.6 billion.


Our Locations

Now is the best time to join the DOUGHBOY family as we are at the beginning of our franchising journey and there are so many options for great new locations.

We know you have a deep understanding and passion for your local area so we are happy to work with you to develop these into DOUGHBOY loving neighbourhoods.

You will also have options to open further stores in adjoining suburbs, giving you a huge advantage for future growth.


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DOUGHBOY, together with our POS software providores are in the process of developing an integrated online ordering system. The system is planned to go live end March 2016.

This system will seamlessly integrate online orders into the store POS system and delivery system.

The system will facilitate the massive growth in online ordering currently being experienced in the industry. It will make it easy for our franchisee’s to receive, control and deliver online orders, on time, to our customers.


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The set up costs for a DOUGHBOY pizza store will vary depending on the size and infrastructure of the premises

The approximate cost, which includes franchise fees is $250 000* + GST (Financing options are available for approx.* 50%)


Included above are:

Franchise Fee $50 000

Marketing Fee $20 000

Working Capital $28 000

Rental Guarantee $17 500

Building and Equipment $110 000

Agreement term is a 5 year term plus an additional 5 year option

Royalty Fee – 5% calculated monthly on gross sales

Marketing Fee – 4% calculated monthly on gross sales

* Information contained within is subject to change at the sole discretion of the franchisor. Fees and charges are a guide only and may be subject to change



Get Started

Speak to our franchise recruitment team to learn more about joining the DOUGHBOY family.

Ata Gokyildirim 0408 685 548

Alternatively please complete our pre-application form below and let’s get the process started today.


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