Gluten Free Bases:

No Doughboy pizza can be 100% Gluten free as it is made in a flour environment. We make no claims for our individual toppings – just our gluten free pizza base which is 100% gluten free. These bases contain yeast.


Our Pesto Oil is not made with nuts. But the kitchen does use nut ingredients and Doughboy does not guarantee traces will not be present on the pizza.

Olive Stones:

Our olives are de- stoned and cut. Some olives can still contain a stone. Customers must eat olives with caution. Our pizza makers make every effort to remove any remaining stones but can miss one.


We use sea salt and Extra virgin olive oil as seasoning.

Dairy Free:

We can make your pizza dairy free and will endeavour to add some extra toppings, sauce and touch of olive oil to keep your pizza tasty, moist and hot. NB - Our pesto also contains parmesan.


Most of our home cooked ingredients contains garlic, as does our sauce. We can make a plain pizza sauceupon request.

Food Saftey:

Our pizza is made to be eaten promptly. Any food left in an unsafe temperature – above 5 degrees or less than 60 degrees, will become unfit to eat after a matter of 1-2 hrs. Doughboy takes no responsibility for the integrity of the pizza once in a customer's hands for takeaway or home delivery after this period.