Way back in the Spring of 2000, a group of then-young Bondi mates came together to create something great. Among their ranks?
A taste for the finer things in life, sure, but also: a chef. Together, they slaved day and night in the hope of bringing into being all they’d imagined – pizza that tasted they way it did in their dreams: crispy, fresh, artisanal. 

After a lot of hard work and a whole lot of pizza, the Doughboy you know and love today officially found its way into the world. Their efforts found a home – and a whole lot of appetite – overlooking one of Australia’s most famous stretches of sand in North Bondi Village. 

Word spread, and fast. Locals couldn’t get enough of the boys’ want-more garlic and cheese bread, their so-fresh Scarlett Salad and their yes-of-course-order-a-larger-one Vegetarian pizza. It was official: with quality, locally-grown fresh produce in the most delicious of topping combinations on crispy thin bases, people were hooked. 

Fast forward to today: Doughboy calls four locations home around Sydney and counting. Find a Doughboy near you here.



Fresh is best. It’s simple, but true. Think locally-grown produce on a crispy-thin base. It’s pizza, the way we love it.

We prepare our fresh ingredients daily – from our dough to our can’t-get-enough Doughboy Homemade Pizza sauce. For the rest, we use only the finest produce from local sustainably-minded suppliers.

We care for our community and our friend Mother Earth. That’s why we work only with locally-sourced ingredients from small producers. We also compost all food waste and are always looking for ways to be better, to do better.